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Apresentação Internacional do novo HR-V [english version]

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Apresentação Internacional do novo HR-V [english version]

Mensagem  fdias em Sex 24 Jul 2015 - 2:35

It took place during the month of July in Lisbon, the presentation of the new model to the international press.
Honda, through its European PR team, headed by a Portuguese, set up the event, where the foreign and domestic guests were received and provided them their first contact with the Honda HR-V.

The forumHRV, was invited to be present in two ways:
- we were challenged by Honda Portugal to lend an Honda HR-V, 5-door, first generation. This challenge was overcome in less than a week of contacts.

- And as a guest to drive the new honda HR-V.

The operations center has been installed at Lisbon airport and at the Myriad Hotel, near the Tagus River.

The guests were welcomed at the airport, where a first clarification session took place about the characteristics of the vehicles, new engines and objectives of the brand.

Concept: compact SUV new generation - spacious and flexible as a minivan, robust like an SUV, charismatic and dynamic as a coupé.

Following the initial meeting, we choose between two types of engine and gearbox.
The already known turbo diesel 120 bhp and 1600 cc with manual transmission and the new atmospheric engine with 130 bhp 1500 cc with manual and CVT gearboxes.
The available engines allow consumption values ​​of the order of 4.0 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions from 104 g / km

We choose to drive the 1500cc with CVT and set off towards Setubal and Arrabida.

with the usual paddle shift

The first contact with the HR-V, allows us to quickly find a good driving position. Good visibility in all directions, mirrors of generous size, as we used in the 1st generation models.
The steering wheel has a suitable thickness and excellent grip.

The engine proved to be something noisy, given the type of use in town that was given.
On the open road, it remained at low rpm levels, except when we kickdown the accelerator in order to speed up for overtaking.
Driving without fuel economy in mind, changing between modes D, S and S manual gear which are controlled by the paddle behind the wheel, we achieved an average consumption of around 9 liters. We know that this gearbox is able to do much less, but it was not our goal seek this effectiveness.

New advanced infotainment system
The advanced infotainment system Connect, offers all connection possibilities; This system was introduced in Europe in the first CR-V 2015. This system is standard equipment on the middle and top versions of the HR-V and choice in entry-level version.

This system provides a simple and convenient interface where the user can use the same functions as "scanning and touch" with your fingers, as on the "touch" of a normal smartphone. Based on the popular mobile operating system Android, the Honda Connect system gives quick and easy access to all functions, including Internet browsing, real-time information about traffic, news and weather, apart from social platforms and music stations on the Internet.

As the first generation Honda HR-V, which even after 15 years of service, remain without noises, the new HR-V promises equal future, given the good quality of construction. The large center console, with finishes of "Piano Black" serve to create the refined atmosphere experienced on board.
A less positive item is the storage of the armrest, which is tiny, compared to other models of Honda. The armrest itself, has in-depth adjustment, allowing a relaxed driving.

For the next driving test, we chose the already known diesel with manual transmission.
The engine suits like a glove in this model and combined with a great availability in all regimes, showed a moderation in consumption that leaves no one indifferent.
The chassis does not accuse the weight of the car and behaves very well on winding roads, showing no fatigue or excess body adornment.
It should be noted that the tested units were equipped with 17-inch wheel.
When the pavement was more irregular, the discomfort was felt on board the HR-V, despite its height.
There is a base version with a 16-inch wheel that "possibly" absorb better the irregularities of the road.

HR-V has an auxiliary brake that allows to immobilize, once the HR-V stops at traffic lights or traffic queue, it is not necessary to keep pressing the brake pedal. Afterwards simply press the accelerator to unlock the brake assist.

Two exclusive colours for the HR-V, Blue Morpho and Black Ruse where the concept of color fusion is present

Prices for the Portuguese market are between 23,000 and 31,000 euros

The AWD units (4x4) or hybrid are not expected to be available to the European market.
The HR-V is expected to start its commercialization in the domestic market to 26 September 2015.


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