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FORUMHR-V Rules - English Version

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FORUMHR-V Rules - English Version Empty FORUMHR-V Rules - English Version

Mensagem  fdias em Dom 19 Ago 2012 - 0:09

1. This forum is open to every brand of vehicle, but the focus of the forum will be subjects related to HONDA HR-Vs. Anyone is welcome to join, but everyone must introduce themselves by posting in the "Presentations (us and machines)" message thread. Failure to observe this fundamental rule may lead to suspension or deletion of your account, including deletion of all content you have posted.

2. This forum does not allow any content related to pornography, pedophilia, xenophobia, racism, Nazism, warez, cracks, exploits, or unauthorized distribution of any materials protected by copyright (text, images, music, etc ...), or content deemed by the admin team to be inappropriate for our community. Links to other sites with content that violates these rules are also prohibited. All actions prohibited by current Portuguese law are also prohibited.

3. Posts that contain insults or show lack of respect to other members, the moderators of this forum, or any person or entity outside this forum are prohibited.

4. Any posts with the sole purpose of advertising products or services for commercial purposes are prohibited. Attempts to advertise products or services by private message using this forum will be dealt with appropriately, and may result in the banning of the member sending the advertisements.

5. SPAM, "bump" messages with no content, or messages that are otherwise useless or inappropriate to the forum, as decided by the admin team, are prohibited. All messages should be positive, constructive, and in context for the message thread where they are posted.

6. Members may not post topics solely for the purpose of inviting members to visit a particular page or site. Exceptions may be made where the member explains in detail the reason that led him to invite other members to visit the site, and when the site that is being recommended is of interest to the community.

7. This forum is based on the principle of volunteer participation, and as such has no obligations to its members or any other parties. Requirements will not be accepted on the operation of the forum.

8. This forum is not owned or endorsed by Honda, and as such the posts and content do not reflect the official views or recommendations of Honda.

9. Any response to decisions made by the team of moderators and administrators must be submitted via Private Message, or may be posted in the Forum Issues section. Disregarding this rule may result in deletion of the offending posts along with immediate suspension of posting rights for the offending member, until the situation has been reviewed by the management team.

Any posts that violate these rules may be deleted by the management team. The management team also reserves the right to ban any member who violates these rules or disrupts the proper functioning of this forum.

General Terms - Disclaimer
All posts express the personal opinions of the poster, and such information does not indicate an official position or representation of any company. Each member, including the moderation and administration team, are responsible for the information they post.

Each member is personally responsible for any results obtained by following any instructions posted here by other members. It is not the responsibility of the moderators and administrators of this forum to confirm the veracity of any such instructions that are posted, and the management team accepts no responsibility for the veracity of any such information.

All personal information submitted by a user in order to create a member account on this forum will be kept confidential, except where such information is requested by the authorities for legal purposes, in which case we will provide all the data required by law.

It is the responsibility of each user to choose whether to provide your information to third parties, and once provided to a third party, the user will not hold the forum management responsible for the misuse of such data, including the disclosure of or use of the data for a purpose that was not originally intended by the user at the time of disclosure.

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